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Gadgets 360 Staff Picks

Looking back at 2017, we rounded up the favourite gear that the Gadgets 360 coque iphone 8 gear 4

team bought over the year, with phones, game consoles, and coque iphone 4s rabat some offbeat items as well. Here’s a look at everyone’s favourite gadgets from 2017.

Abhinav Lal: OnePlus Bullets (V2)

Of coque iphone 6 clapet cuir my few tech purchases this year, the OnePlus Bullets (V2) earphones stand out. The earphones thus far have served me well, offering balanced sound, a comfortable fit with plenty of different sized earbuds to choose from, pretty decent hands coque iphone 5s vin free reception, and solid build quality across the board. They coque iphone avec photo look quite good too.

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Aditya Shenoy: MacBook Air

After patiently waiting for sales on e commerce sites, I managed to pick up the one gadget that I have been waiting for: the MacBook Air. I coque iphone 4 disney 3d

wanted one since I started working but the price always put me off. I managed to buy the updated MacBook Air on PayTM for Rs. 44,250 after all the cashback and discounts. At that price, the coque iphone 6s miniinthebox MacBook Air was a no brainer.

After using the laptop for close to 3 months, I can say that it is probably the best purchase I coque refermable iphone 4 made this year. It is lightweight and is easy to coque iphone 5 sous l eau carry during my commute to office. The processor is powerful, 8GB of RAM helps me multitask easily, and the battery life is simply impressive.

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Akhil Arora: Nintendo Switch

Of all the purchases I made this year, the red and blue Nintendo Switch has been my favourite. I can’t imagine why anyone would opt for the dour, colourless grey Joy Con scheme. For someone who spends two to three hours on the road the days I commute, it’s been worth it simply for that time. Instead of spending it reading (mind numbing and frustrating) news on my phone, I’ve invested that time in games that make me smile, laugh, or cry.

The Switch is perfect for on the go entertainment, not just because it has been the source of some of the best games this year in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8, and Mario + Rabbids, but also because you can pause coque iphone 4 refermable

at any moment, unlike TV coque iphone zara shows and movies, which I’ve never been too fond of viewing on small screens anyway. It has its flaws, as the battery life and internal storage aren’t great, but that’s fine. It’s turned my most useless hours into the most fun.

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Aman Rashid: Beats X

2017 has been the year of the death of the headphone jack. coque iphone 11

Almost every other top tier phone manufacturer doesn’t have a headphone jack on their coque iphone coquillage flagship coque iphone blanc device. And that brings me to my best tech purchase this year: coque iphone 5c porte carte the blue Beats coque iphone 7 marseille X. Initially I used to think that the transition will be difficult, but I’m glad I went the wireless route. The audio quality is great, the fit is coque iphone 6 fine transparente comfortable and it charges from 0 100 percent in like 20 25 minutes.

And coque iphone 6 silicone bleu on top of that, I’m able to squeeze out two days of use from them on a single charge. Though it’s true that wireless earphones have their own set of disadvantages and on top of that to get a decent pair of them will cost you around Rs. 10,000 12,000. But if the price is not an issue then I can surely photo coque iphone 5s say the Beats X won’t disappoint.

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Ankit Chawla: Mi Air Purifier 2

I live in New Delhi and we have been plagued with the world’s worst pollution for the past few years. After reading up on the benefits, I picked up a couple of units of the Mi Air Purifier 2 for me and the folks.

There are better coque iphone se en cuir air purifiers in the market but this one coque iphone 8 plus rhinoshield hits the sweet spot with the price and its minimal UI. coque iphone 7 Setting it up is super easy and everyone at home is now hooked onto the Mi Home app, tracking PM2.5 levels all day. And, yes, we had a safe Diwali this time around.

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Gagan Gupta: Amazon Echo

It’s a tough year to single out a single tech purchase that has been a game changer for me, since there were just so many of them. But gun to my head, I would pick the Amazon Echo. I was a bit concerned when I picked it up at launch, and I did have some trouble with the app initially, but now it’s a very crucial part of my bedroom. It reads out the news to me when I’m up, it plays ‚morning music’ when I’m getting ready for work, and it even keeps my kid entertained without having her to look at a screen for extended durations. coque iphone 8 Though I don’t use it as often as I would like, it rarely disappoints when I ask it to do something. It has inspired me to make my home ‚smart’ with the Echo speaker as the main control point.

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Gopal Sathe: Nintendo Switch

After a lot of hemming and hawing, I bought a Nintendo Switch this year. coque iphone 7 pas cher

Nintendo’s newest console reminds me a lot of my favourite console ever, the PS Vita, but with the added advantage of letting me plug it into the TV and game on the big screen without buying anything extra. The ability to start playing from your couch, and then just pick up the Switch and keep going is amazing, and makes even coque iphone humour a (nearly) seven coque gear4 iphone 4 year old game like Skyrim shine again.

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Jagmeet Singh: Apple Watch Series 2

While Apple launched the anticipated Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE support earlier this year, I bought the Apple Watch Series 2 as the new coque iphone 6 boxe gadget in my bouquet a few months back. I didn’t find it worthwhile to spend more on the Series 3 as its standalone voice calling feature is not yet available coque iphone 4 lapin in India. Moreover, I can get all great features of the latest Apple Watch version right on my wrist even at a lower price.

The Apple Watch Series 2 has a water resistant build that makes it a perfect wearable for daily use. coque iphone 5s Also, there is a built in GPS antenna that provides me with accurate distance and speed measurements. coque iphone 5 pas cher I’m not a fitness geek, though. There is a large number of watchfaces, and I own various wristbands and cases to personalise my Apple Watch. The best thing about the Apple Watch is its seamless connectivity with an iPhone. This is something that convinces me to pick my Apple Watch each day I leave my home.