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Huawei’s P20 Pro is a shiny phone with a strong personality

It’s been a month since Huawei unveiled its latest flagship device. I’ve played with this phone coque iphone 5 sympa for a few weeks and coque iphone 6 transparente avec motif blanc it’s one of the most interesting Android phones currently available.

The P20 Pro is a solid successor to the P10 and a good alternative to other flagship phones, such as the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9.

A few years ago, many Android phones paled in comparison with the latest iPhone. Most of them were made out of plastic. coque iphone 8 And Android was simply too clunky back then.

2018 is a completely different story as you have a lot of options. disney iphone 11 case Maybe you like Samsung devices or the pure Android experience of the Pixel 2. And maybe you’ve been looking at Huawei devices from afar.

Let’s start with the overall design of the phone. It features coque iphone ovo a gigantic 6.1 inch OLED display with a now familiar notch at the top. It’s not as prominent as the one in the iPhone X, coque iphone 4 contour but it’s clear that Apple has started the next trend in smartphone design.

The frame of the design is coque iphone ponpon made out of polished aluminium. It’s coque iphone 6 mosoris shiny and looks like stainless steel but it’s lighter than coque iphone powerbank steel. It feels good in your coque iphone 6 aladdin

hand and is a great indication of what an iPhone X Plus could be.

The glass back comes in multiple colors. kawaii iphone 11 case My review device had the twilight back. It’s a nice gradient from purple to blue that makes the P20 Pro stand out from the crowd. It’s much more distinctive than unified (boring) colors.

You can also use the P20 Pro as a portable mirror coque iphone 8 plus batman to fix your makeup or your hair when you’re on the subway. But the back of the device is so shiny that it was covered in coque iphone 7 plus psg fingerprints most of the time. That’s increasingly the case when you have a smartphone with a glass back.

Below the display, you’ll find a good old fingerprint sensor. In my experience it works well and I like having it on the front of the device when my phone is resting on a coque black panther iphone 6 table. And yet, many people upgrade their phone to get coque iphone xr qlf a better camera. Some people even choose their next phone based on the camera exclusively.

And Huawei went a bit crazy on this front as the company integrated three cameras at the back of the device. There’s a 40 megapixels lens combined with a 20 megapixels monochrome lens coque iphone 6s stars wars and an 8 megapixels telephoto lens. And the phone supports super slow motion videos at 960 frames per second.

On paper, it sounds like a bit too much. But it’s true that those three cameras are the most important and remarkable feature of the P20 Pro.

I used both an iPhone coque iphone 5c antichoc etanche X and the P20 Pro on my last vacation to Cambodia. And here’s a gallery of some sample photos:Let’s be honest, I’m not a great photographer. So I wanted to use the P20 Pro in the most normal use case. The P20 Pro has so many options and manual triggers that it feels a bit overwhelming for a normal user. coque iphone s+ But Huawei keeps saying that the P20 Pro is smart and can automatically capture the best shot for you.

If you use the normal photo mode, the camera tries to detect the content coque iphone 5s gris transparente of the photo and coque iphone 6 s classe adjust the settings automatically. coque iphone 6 For instance, if you’re shooting a portrait of a person, the P20 Pro automatically switches to Portrait mode. If you’re shooting coque iphone 6 avec fille

at night, the phone will take a night mode photo by capturing multiple underand overexposed photos and recompositioning the scene.

In my experience, the camera performed extremely well. It was quite hard to get a blurry, unfocused shot. But it was also something completely different from the iPhone X camera.

Colors are oversaturated in most cases. It looks too bright, too shiny and quite far coque trashers iphone 6 from reality. And that wasn’t just the case on the smartphone itself (by default, the color profile of the display is quite saturated too). It was particularly true with nature shots. supreme iphone 11 case

And I prefer the more natural tone of iPhone X photos.

When it comes to night photos, the P20 Pro is the best performing coque iphone 5s walking dead smartphone I’ve used. It performed incredibly well and it’s quite impressive that you can shoot these photos with a smartphone.

You can feel the strong personality of the P20 Pro coque iphone 6s ovni when you’re taking selfies too. The camera app has a built in beautifying effect that makes you look better. It is enabled by default, and you can’t disable it completely. Even when you set it to 0, it’ll make your skin smoother.

Overall, I’m impressed with etsy coque iphone 4 the P20 Pro camera. But that doesn’t mean I like it better than the iPhone X. In some ways, it feels too complicated to get the perfect shot. In other ways, it corrects coque iphone 6 plus disney stitch

photos with software features that make them look a bit fake.

Many people will love the P20 Pro camera. It just depends on what you’re looking for.

Fine prints

Let’s go through some miscellaneous items. The P20 Pro doesn’t feature wireless charging. While it’s not a dealbreaker, it’s hard to go coque iphone 7 anti choque back to plugging a cable if you were already using wireless charging.

The system on a chip is a Kirin 970 made by Huawei. Instead of boring you with benchmarks, let’s just say that it was perfectly fine and I didn’t feel limited at any moment. The P20 Pro is on par with other flagship Android devices. coque iphone 5 pas cher But it was particularly well optimized for power consumption.