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Insider Information Leaked

iDrop News has obtained exclusive information from a source with intimate knowledge of Apple manufacturing facility, dispatched by Benjamin Geskin, that will spark new rumors as well as lay old rumors to rest. According to the insider reporting to iDrop coque iphone 4s musique News, Apple tenth coque iphone 6s camouflage anniversary iPhone, most commonly known as the iPhone 8, coque iphone 8 caoutchouc will not carry the aforementioned name and will likely be christened the iPhone coque iphone 4 sport Edition instead.

According to the leaker, a final stage iPhone Edition prototype has been spotted and iphone coque iphone xs tropical 6 coque iphone 6s features a radical new design. coque iphone xr

Generally, most of the components of the prototype echo the design aspects that we drafted in previous concepts, however as seen in the renders below, the coque jasbon iphone xs max rear of coque iphone kevlar the iPhone Edition coque iphone 5 psg amazon will feature a vertical dual lens camera setup rather than a horizontal one, likely for better depth of field when the device is used horizontally within otterbox coque iphone an AR/VR headset. It has been reported that a dual lens camera setup has been implemented on the front of the device as well, a necessary addition to facilitate the iPhone Edition rumored 3D sensing camera technology.

iDrop News source who has spoken privately with a Foxconn employee, reported that various iPhone 8, X, or Edition concepts have many and do not line up with the actual iPhone coque cdg iphone xs Edition prototype that Apple is currently set to produce. coque iphone 6 Our inside source coque iphone xs gold also reported that the coque iphone 4s ronaldo many rumors stating Apple iPhone Edition would feature a glass back are now incorrect. Apple current iPhone Edition prototype features a back plate. coque iphone 8 pas cher

A metal backing will prove to be sturdier than glass, prolonging the life of the coque anneau iphone xs Apple soon to be flagship iPhone Edition.

Sadly, the source also communicated that the iPhone Edition will feature a fingerprint coque iphone 5s minimaliste scanner on the rear of the device, which contradicts previous rumors that Apple would be adding its Touch ID technology beneath the display. coque iphone 7

It been speculated coque iphone 5s gta5 that Apple has developed and tested inbuilt Touch ID technology, however it possible that the technology coque iphone 5s solaire is still in its infancy and hasn been proven to work coque iphone 5c transparente totoro in a way that secure or dependable enough for use, leading Apple to revert to more reliable technology. marble iphone 11 case coque iphone se bape We sincerely hope this bit of information doesn turn out to be factual, as Touch ID on the rear of the device certainly wouldn be revolutionary, and would prove to be severely inefficient for day to day coque slim iphone xs max use.

The leaked information confirms that the iPhone Edition will not feature a fully curved OLED display, but in its place will be a slightly curved 2.5D OLED edge to edge display. It also been confirmed by our informant that the coque iphone 6 caoutchou Apple Edition prototype appears almost identical to the visualizations we have developed, shown below.

CommentAlso expected for the iPhone Edition is iOS 11 with advanced Siri functionality, wireless charging, and Apple powerful A11 SoC. coque iphone 7 pas cher Apple iPhone Edition will likely be ready for an official announcement and launch in coque iphone 6 disney tigrou September 2017. coque iphone xs

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