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The Best iPhone X Battery Cases

Your iPhone X always seems to run out of power before the day ends. It’s a fact of life for most mobile phones, including Apple’s top of the line X series.

A single charge to those small batteries can last only so long, especially when we use our phones to surf the web, play videos, listen to music, and more. coque iphone se boxe But you don’t have to suffer in silence if you outfit your phone with a battery case.

These cases can give your phone a quick coque iphone 6s plus orange charge on the go when it’s running low on juice or keep your iPhone X ($99.00 at Amazon) topped off throughout the day. Using a charging case means you don’t have to search for an electrical outlet or lug around an external charger when you’re out and about.

What features should you look for in an iPhone charger case

Battery capacity is one factor. A charger case is rated at a certain number for mAh (milliamp hour), which measures the energy capacity of the case’s battery. The higher the number, the more energy the battery can store, which determines the case’s ability to bring your phone to a full charge.

Another factor is design. You don’t want a case that’s big and bulky, or your phone becomes too awkward to carry and use. For me, ease of attachment is key. Some cases are difficult to maneuver; good cases should go on and off with little effort. And like regular cases, charger cases should provide the necessary protection in case you drop your phone.

And don’t forget about that charging port. Most iPhone X charger cases use micro USB or USB C connections; some support a Lightning port.

What are some of the best and brightest among the current crop of iPhone X battery cases Let’s see how these cases stack up.

Made with a slim and hard shell, Alpatronix’s BXX iPhone tour de coque iphone 6 X Battery Charging Case is a well designed product that doesn’t add much heft to your iPhone. The case is fairly easy to attach and remove as it offers a small removable top. Just take off that piece, slip your phone in, put the top back, and you’re good to go.

You can easily see how much of a charge the case has thanks to four LED lights on the back. The lights go on when you’re charging the case itself so you can tell when it’s fully charged. The lights also indicate when the case is boosting your iPhone and how much of a charge it has left to deliver to your phone. iphone 11 case for girls

The case automatically stops charging when your iPhone is fully juiced.

The Alpatronix case sports two speaker grilles at the bottom to allow the sound through. coque iphone 7 It also has the usual slots and pass through buttons for the dual camera, power button, volume buttons, and the sliding switch coque iphone 5 silicone ebay to mute the phone. The case doesn’t offer an audio jack, so you’ll have to use Bluetooth earphones or earbuds to catch your favorite tunes.

The charging port for the Alpatronix case is micro USB, and the necessary charging cable is included. The case is rated at 4200mAh, so it will easily charge your phone to full capacity. The case is also Qi Compatible, so you don’t need to remove it when you want to use a wireless charger to energize coque iphone 6 colorée your iPhone. Alpatronix even throws in a screen protector.

The Casessary iPhone X Battery Case is a compact case that’s easy to attach and remove. No top or back piece to deal with; just slip coque iphone 6 mirroir your phone right in the flexible case. And though the case is pliant, it provides good protection with a hard coque iphone 5 football sexy shell back. One cool feature right off the bat is that the Casessary iPhone X case uses a Lightning port, so you can turn to your regular iPhone X cable to charge the case and sync your data from iTunes. You can also listen to music via a wired Lightning headset.

A set of six LED lights on the back tell you when the case is fully charged. Beyond the Lightning port, the case features two coque iphone costaud speaker grilles on the bottom and the standard pass through buttons for power, volume, and sliding switch.

This case also tries to preserve your iPhone’s battery by toning down the charging speed when the battery is near full capacity. The charge turns off when your iPhone is full. coque iphone 7 pas cher The case itself houses a 3900mAh coque iphone se apple rouge rechargeable battery, which should be enough to keep your phone charged for the day.

The Punkcase PunkJuice iPhone X Battery Case delivers a compact yet powerful case. The top is bendable, so you’ll find it easy coque iphone x ananas to insert and remove your iPhone. coque iphone 5s mnms The body is made of coque iphone 6 johnny hallyday a hard shell, providing solid protection for your coque iphone se transparente pomme phone in case of drops or other accidents. Punkcase also includes a screen protector to be on the safe side. Like the Casessary coque iphone 8 simple case, the PunkJuice case employs a Lightning connector so you can charge it with your existing charging cable. However, you can’t listen to music via a wired Lightning headset as the port doesn’t allow for audio.

LED lights on the bottom of the case indicate its level of charge. After you put on the case, just coque iphone 5c paquet de cigarette press a button to start charging your iPhone. Like the other cases covered here, the PunkJuice iphone 6 coque batman case automatically turns off the charge when your iPhone is 100 percent full. The case packs a punch with its coque iphone 6 x3 6000mAh rechargeable battery, providing more than enough juice to get your iPhone to last the day. The case comes with the usual cutouts and buttons for the dual speakers, the dual camera lenses, the power button, the vistaprint coque iphone 4s volume buttons, and the slider switch.

Need a case that can withstand a dunk in the water The PunkJuice Waterproof iPhone X Battery Case can handle getting wet under the right conditions. With coque iphone 6s mickey et minnie a rating of IP68 (the highest rating available), the case offers protection against dust and dirt and immersion into water as deep as 1.5 meters (4.9 feet) for as long as 30 minutes.

Since the case is waterproof, or rather, water resistant, it’s bigger and bulkier than other cases and more difficult to take on and off. It’s divided into coque mat iphone 6 two pieces, so you place your phone in the bottom half and attach the top half. coque iphone xs To remove the case, you need to dig your fingers into the top slot and pull. But the bulk not only keeps the case safe from water but protects it in case you drop it on a hard surface. The case offers a built in screen protector to further safeguard your phone.

The PunkJuice Waterproof case comes with a 3600mAh battery to double a typical battery charge of your iPhone. The case includes an automatic safety feature so it stops charging once your iPhone reaches 100 percent. coque iphone 7 pas cher Like the 5000mAh PunkJuice case, this one is coque ariel iphone 6 built with a Lightning connector for charging. custom iphone 11 case

The port doesn’t support Lightning headsets, but a separate audio port accepts earbuds or earphones with the standard 3.5mm audio jack.

Four LED lights on the coque iphone 7 corail back indicate the level of coque iphone 7 quicksilver charge. The case includes all the necessary buttons and slots for the camera lenses, speakers, power button, and volume buttons. A twist knob lets you switch the phone between sound and mute mode.

The ZeroLemon iPhone X Battery Case is definitely a bargain at only $29.99. For that price, you get a hard shell case that’s not too big or bulky and provides a healthy amount of juice. iphone 11 case amazon/a> Like the Alpatronix case, the ZeroLemon case comes with a small removable top. Pop off the top, insert your phone, pop the top back on, and you’re done.

Press the button on the back to start charging your phone. The four LED lights display the current capacity of the case. To charge the case itself, you’ll need to use a USB C cable, one of which is included. ZeroLemon packs in a 4000mAh rechargeable battery, enough to give your phone the dragon ball coque iphone 6

right amount of juice for the day. The charge automatically cuts off when your iPhone has all the power it needs. The case includes all the standard controls for power, volume, speakers, dual camera lenses, and slide switch.

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