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I started Candytech with zero knowledge of websites but self learned everything from reading articles and watching Youtube videos. We got enormous success and praise from readers in the short span of time. So far Candytech is visited by 4.1 Crore readers custodia militare iphone 5s with over 7.4crore page views, since launch.

Also, there siti di cover per iphone 5 are cover samsung j5 silicone 3d animali 57K social media influencers and 12856 email readers. There are over 27313 commentson the cover iphone 5c larry stylinson blog and we have helped and advised 1000s of readers in the last few years.

My Story How it all startedI was always fascinated with PC/Playstation Games all day and sometimes all night too. I bought cover samsung j3 2016 sailor moon custodia cover samsung s8 plus my first graphics card an Nvidia MX 400, when cover samsung galaxy grand prime g530 I was 17, in 2001, nearly 20 years back. I cover samsung g920 galaxy s6 had a Celeron processor and an Asus motherboard, custodia cover huawei mate 20 pro but adding the GPU made the gaming experience magical.

Gaming back then was nothing we see today. On my old CRT monitor, Games like IGI and Max Payne, Need for Speed 4 5 were enjoyable. Even before that, I used to play custodia cover huawei p8 games like Prince, Pacman on the old Pentium 386 and 486 PCs.

In subsequent years, I learned more about graphics cards, processors, overclocking, benchmarks, hardware testing, Android custom ROMs, App/Web development, SEO, Photoshop, and Video editing.

I am a big fan of Anand Tech, Tom Hardware, and The Verge.

I had my share of hiccups on this journey, hard bricking a mobile, burning an Intel processor while overclocking. Apart from these, custodia cover samsung a40 I also like programming, C C++, PHP, Linux, and cover samsung m20 specialize in analytics like SPSS SAS, Google Analytics.

Being a blogger teaches a lot of things, writing and sharing content is just a cover octopus iphone small part. I learned WordPress, how to make a website, SEO, Digital marketing, a bit of coding, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro Final Cut Pro X, Photography cover samsung j3 2017 colorata and Video flip cover samsung s10 plus Editing, etc.

Blogging is Awesome !!!

About ME: Kanuj Sharma (Editor and Founder)On the academic front, I did Engineering from Kurukshetra University followed by an MBA from custodia cover iphone 11 pro max FORE School of management. The love for gadgets cover iphone 6 unicorno and technology remained.

I ran Candytech along with my Job initially for 2.5 years. It was really hard to manage both.

Besides, I have 10 years of enriching experience in the Telecom sector mostly in consumer insights, analytics, and marketing.

My Gadgets: I personally now use Asus ROG Phone II, a PC with overclocked Core i7 6700K with GTX 1060, and a MacBook Pro.

Candytech Story: How Candytech Grew from Just a FaceBook Page toa Popular Website

In the year 2014 I started a Facebook page and started sharing articles/reviews, to the tech community. I had no idea back then, that I will have a website one day.

However,Facebook limits the post reach. (You need to pay FaceBook for higher organic reach).

Sneak Peek Into Candytech OfficeI was new to this but realized Facebook is not the platform to use, so I researched for some days and read about Blogger/WordPress and decided to start a small website.

WordPress looked more refined, it impressed me with better aesthetics and customizations.

I bought WP hosting and began the journey. At the time, I had no knowledge of websites, SEO, or Social media marketing. Taking just a leap of faith and trusting that God cover samsung j3 2017 panda will help me, I moved ahead.

In the first year itself, I started getting a good amount of visitors to the website. And then one fine day in 2016, it exploded. The highest one day visitors peaked at 35,000. Unbelievable!

You need not have to worry about making 50 lakhs or 1 crore from your custodia iphone 4 impermeabile business, you need to be obsessed about providing value to people. If your service or product is great. The money will come. There are bloggers like Neil Patel, Harsh cover iphone gioia Aggarwal, Pat ebay cover samsung galaxy grand neo plus Flynn who have earned crores from blogging…