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As usual, I want to do a short recap after my BeachBodyNotSorry project and share a few more thoughts about the looks with you. I know that this year’s project wasn’t that collier homme geek

„beachy” at all because of the collier homme 70cm photos I had to take in our garden. montage collier plastron I only managed to do one shoot in Hamburg at the Elbe and even this one isn’t at the beach. I’m a little sad about this because, of course, beachwear looks best at collier plastron metal doré the beach. But sometimes, we have to change our plans. And wearing your bikini and swimsuit at home is no shame at all. :) At least I got the chance to spend some time in the sun during a super hot and beautiful summer here in the south of Germany.

As collier homme pendentif afrique every year, it’s extremely important to me to show you that beach wear is for everyone. You don’t need to hide and you don’t need to wrap yourself in tons of fabric so nobody will notice that you’re not skinny. coque iphone 8

I’m pretty sure that you all want to collier plastron fleur have fun collier plastron bijou brigitte in the summer and that nobody wants to sweat in long sleeved clothes instead of jumping into the water. coque iphone 5 pas cher I also want you to see a body that’s not photoshopped or somehow „perfect”. I have some major cellulite around my thighs, I have stretch marks around my belly and hips (which you can’t see this time because of the high waisted pants or swimsuits), I have a hanging belly, I’m super white, The world collier plastron à faire soi-même is still missing enough unretouched photos collier plastron bohème collier homme or swag and „natural” bodies.

It’s already pretty cold outside but I still want to quickly talk about this year’s BeachBodyNotSorry project and have a look at the beach outfits I wore this season. I kind of felt that plus sized beach bodies were more present than ever collier plastron polymere in 2016. Of course there were a collier plastron egypte few very important moments likeAshley Graham on the cover of „Sports Illustrated” or the most recent”All Woman Project” launched by Clementine Desseaux and Charli Howard (featuring some amazing beach wear by Phylyda collier plastron cléopatre I hope I can work with this brand next year!). But we also had bloggers showing their beach bodies everywhere and it makes me proud to say that I’m a part of this again.

Unfortunately, this time I couldn’t show as many looks aslast year on collier plastron diamant the one hand, there simply was a lack of new beach wear (I just didn’t want to collier plastron jaune wear everything again, but neither did I want to spend loads of money on new stuff cause our summer in Germany isn’t long enough to hoard uncountable masses of bikinis and swimsuits), on the other hand, I missed almost 90% of our summer because I was very sick. Even beginning to shoot before the start of the official beach season wasn’t that helpful, so I only managed to do five looks (plus two „covered” beach styles, meaning: one with a kaftan collier plastron en bois and another one wearing transparent stuff over my bikini). It’s been a lot of fun to share my beach looks with you collier plastron breloques and it definitely was a matter close to my heart to encourage you all to just don’t give a s and head over to the next beach or pool and wear whatever you want, collier plastron 2018 whether it’s a bikini or a swimsuit or you still prefer to cover up a little more with a beach dress or towel. coque iphone 5s Everything’s okay as long as you feel great. And you should never I repeat: NEVER make this dependent on others. Because YOU decide how you feel, how you look, who you want to be not strangers. Not even your friends or your collier homme nature family. Your body your rules. disney iphone 11 case And I want to add: your life your rules.

Coming back to the topic of today’s blog post: in this little recap, I want to show all of my beach looks again and add a few pictures I took on „real” beaches in Brazil during my vacation (a post about it is already in the making, so stay tuned!). And to let you know: it was great. Nobody looked at me in a bad way (at least I didn’t catch anybody watching) and even if I didn’t care. Because I went to the beach to have fun and I definitely did. I had a great time at several beaches, crowded islam collier homme

ones, remote ones, with my family or with complete strangers. Nobody treated comment faire un collier plastron me badly because of my body, nobody even mentioned it. coque iphone 6 All I got was compliments on my beautiful beach wear, on the new bikini I bought in Rio, on what I brought to show off at the famous and not so famous beaches. coque iphone xs Nobody called me fat or ugly, I never felt like a stranded whale and nobody gave me the feeling that this is not where I’m supposed to be. Because in the heat, that’s where everybody is allowed to be refreshing oneself in the sea, sunbathing on the beach and maybe even sharing an ice cold beer with friends.

I really hope that I could at least change one person’s mind and help her collier plastron de luxe to be able to go to the beach without being afraid of being insulted, be it by looks, laughter or words. You’re better than someone else small minded brain that’s not capable of accepting collier plastron rose fushia diversity. And you should never listen to these people.

Never forget: everyBODY is beautiful, even if it’s not your own personal taste how someone looks it’s not up to you to define beauty for the world and it’s not up to you to judge others.