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Q Perry Noble on Praying for 3000 Salvations in One Weekend

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CP Current Page: Church MinistriesSaturday, August 25, 2012

Perry Noble, senior pastor of NewSpring Church in South Carolina, wants to see God do „big things” in his church, which is why he and the members of his bracelet homme encre congregation have been praying all week with the hope of seeing 3,000 people become saved during this weekend’s services.

The „Pray for 3K” campaign was first mentioned three months ago, but it officially began last Sunday bague en or simple when Noble preached a sermon titled „Going bague en or diamand for the Big Ask!” Each day since that time the church’s blog has featured daily posts advising members how to pray so that the church can see Pentecost sized numbers of people come to faith in bracelet homme marque luxe

Jesus Christ this weekend, Aug. coque iphone 7 pas cher 24 26.

Noble spoke with The Christian Post on Friday to talk more about the campaign and how he overcame the desire to keep his 3,000 person goal a secret.

CP: Tell me about the „Pray for 3K” initiative, how did it come about

Noble: It’s honestly been something that I’ve always dreamed about ever since I became a Christian. coque iphone 11 If you read through the Book of Acts, in Acts chapter two, the first time the Gospel was ever bague en or taille 48 presented, the Bible says 3,000 people got saved.

Some people argue and say, „Do numbers matter” And I’m like, well, they counted them then, and so something happened there so significant that somebody said, „Let’s count these people that are coming to Christ.” And I always thought, man, that would just be awesome bague en or dessin to be a part of something like that. And so bague en or serpent it was like one of those things you almost put on your bucket list, like hey, before I die I would like to see 3,000 people come to Christ.

And it just hit me a few months ago, actually while I was on my sabbatical, why bouton de fievre bague en or wait Why wait until „one day” if it’s something that’s biblical, it’s not bad, a lot of people are going to get saved, why not just go ahead and pray and prepare for it and just try our best to go for it today

CP: What was the main point behind your „Going for the Big Ask” message last week

Noble: Actually, there were only two points to the message. „Ask them,” which means let’s go ask our friends and family members, let’s go ask bague en or et quartz fume them to come to church next week because we’re going to have a service that presents the Gospel, and then let’s „ask Him,” meaning Jesus, to do what he does and save people next Sunday.

A lot of times we’ll pray for people but we won’t invite them to bague en or celaur church or won’t talk to them about Christ. And then on the flip side a lot of times we’ll go talk to people and invite them to church, but we’ve never prayed bague en or swarovski for them. kawaii iphone 11 case

And so bracelet homme rochet I think it’s not an „either or,” it’s a „both and.” You’ve got to be willing to ask of them to come to church and then ask Him to do something significant in their life.

CP: How fundamental has the idea of asking God for these big things been to the growth of your church

Noble: We’ve been going about 12 years. iphone 11 case for girls We’ve always just kind of prayed. I call it „pray big” . Let’s ask the Lord to provide us with some bague en or avec saphir vert land to build this campus on. cleor bracelet homme

Let’s ask the Lord for the right staff to come into a particular position and fill it.

But this is the biggest „ask” we’ve ever called for. coque iphone 5

We’ve really planned and prepared and thomas sabo bracelet homme prayed for this, and my prayer is that it would be inspirational to the [universal] Church . Hey, we really can attempt great things for God.

And then it would be inspirational to every person that comes to church. coque iphone 7

reconnaitre une bague en or Let them be a part of asking the Lord to do something significant, and then He does it, and then they’re like, „Oh my gosh. If He can do that for the church, then I need to pray for big things in my life as well.” So I think the church wins, I think the individual in the church wins, and so we’re just really excited about it.

CP: On an average weekend, about how many people attend NewSpring campuses for services

Noble: This fall, so far, I would say we’re averaging around 18,000 a weekend.

CP: Have you had a chance to research what fred bracelet homme the highest number of salvations was in a given weekend at NewSpring Church before

Noble: We saw 1,000 people one time. There bague en or toi et moi was a weekend within the last year that we saw a little over 1,000 people come to Christ.

CP: So this is obviously the biggest you’ve ever asked for, is that intimidating at all to you

Noble: Oh yeah, absolutely . iphone 11 case The thing I thought at first was, „I’ll pray for this privately and I won’t let people know that I’m asking for something like this.” But the more time I spent reading my Bible, praying . I was like, the only reason I would not say this out loud is because I’m afraid that if I say it and it doesn’t happen, it makes me look bad. Maybe it makes God look bad, or whatever.

And then I realized, the Lord doesn’t need me to defend His reputation. He’s going to do what He’s going to do, and all through the Scripture He invites us to ask Him for big bague en or et emeraude things. Jesus did it in John 14, John 15 and John 16 . Jesus said in John 14:12, you’ll do greater things than me, just bague en or de viola ask.

So I was very intimidated but I’m like, you know what, I’m just going to say it. And at the end of the day if . we’re asking for 3,000 and 1,500 get saved, Oh darn! We’re still 1,500 people short, but 1,500 people received the Lord. So I don’t think it’s bad, but I’m like . I just really, really want to ask big for the rest of my life.

CP: I’ve had the opportunity to follow your blog posts this week, which are guiding the members of your church on what to fabriquer une bague en or pray for, specifically, each day. How do you motivate such a large group to pray fervently

Noble: I think the big thing is: Keep it simple.