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Did you get a shiny brand new Android phone Welcome to Team Android! You love it here. But how do you get started Switching from iPhone to Android can be a convoluted process, or can be easy, depending on the coque samsung s5 darty steps you take.

In this tutorial we will show you the best ways to transfer all your data from an iPhone to an Android device. coque silicone a10 samsung Let jump right in.

One coque samsung a10 ange of the first things you want to do when switching from iPhone to coque paillete samsung a10 Android is transfer your contacts. This process simplicity will highly depend on your previous practices for syncing contacts. Are you synchronizing your contacts to your Google account If so, getting your contacts on your brand new Android smartphone is a breeze! All you have to do is coque samsung galaxy a5 transparente enter your Google account details. All coque samsung galaxy a5 2015 amazon your saved numbers will be automatically downloaded.

If you don synchronize your contacts, however, you will have to work a little harder.

For an even more detailed step by step walkthrough, check out our how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android guide.

How to transfer calendar coque samsung galaxy j1 auchan from iPhone to Android

Just as it was with Contacts, your calendar can also be synced to your Google account, but that will only be convenient if you did it from the beginning. You coque samsung galaxy s4 advance don want to manually change all your calendar entries, so we will show you how to transfer all your calendar events in a batch. Oh, and we will use iCloud coque samsung a10 disney once again. Your Web browser will download a file with random characters as a file name. Once importing is finished, you should be able to see the imported entries in the Google Calendar web interface. It would be horrible to lose them in the process of switching to Android, right You could probably do things the old coque samsung s7 noir way and manually transfer files like a caveman. Or you can be a bit more savvy and take advantage of the awesome cloud storage services we now have access to.

You could just backup your photos to Drive, Dropbox or your service of choice, but Google Photos app is the easiest. Photos lets you upload unlimited high quality images and sync them across smartphones. And yes, it available for both Android and iOS. One is for your iPhone storage (usually labeled „Apple iPhone” or „[Your Name]‚s iPhone” or something similar) coque samsung kenzo and the other is for your Android. That said, for some of you, it probably easier to simply upload your tunes toGoogle Play Music, though. Of course, this is given that you coque samsung a10 netflix have all your music on your computer.

We will coque samsung galaxy edge + assume you are using iTunes, for obvious reasons. Make sure to go to iTunes and coque samsung photo download any music you may have purchased from your phone and isn saved locally.

After doing that, just use Google Music Manager to upload all your music to Google Play Music. This will sync across all Android devices, but the only main issue is that if the file is not downloaded, you will use up data while playing it. Make sure to pin or download songs you want to hear offline. You can just push a button coque samsung a10 dur and automatically get your apps back. Many popular apps for social networks, games, and more will exist in the realm of Android as well. Before buying your new Android, you want to search Google Play online to ensure that there aren any missing apps that are absolutely crucial to your phone experience.

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Keep in mind if these are premium apps, you coque samsung galaxy note 8.0 will have coque samsung j7 pas cher to buy them all over again. Annoying, but ultimately not coque samsung galaxy core prim a big deal for most folks unless you had a ton of premium apps.

Even if you find one or two apps you coque samsung galaxy y silicone used on your iPhone that aren offered on Android, there are a ton of great replacements for some of iOS best exclusive apps, which you can find in our Android alternatives to the best iOS appslist.

You will have to struggle with some things

Moving to a new platform can be a bit tiring and complicated. We gave you some tools that will make your experience switching from iPhone to Android much smoother, but know there coque samsung galaxy s6 antichoc are some things you simply can avoid. Thankfully, this is coque samsung galaxy trend amazon as coque samsung a6 fnac easyuploading themto your cloud storage service of choice. From there, you can easily download these toyour Android phone using the official app.

One last thing to remember is that you need to turn off iMessage before you leave iPhone behind, or you could run into some SMS delivery woes. coque samsung 4 mini If you do forget, however, you can go to Apple website and de register even after you ditch the phone.

All set Switching from iPhone to Android might not be as easy as it is if you switch from within the same platform, but it doesn have to coque samsung s( be that hard! Happy transferring! Also, we know everyone has a different way of doing things. What other methods for transferring all your goodies do you use Let us know your thoughts in the comments…