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2013 Edition

This year, considering the changes that I went through from a workflow perspective, I thought it would be appropriate to start focusing on iOS as well. The first installment was about the iPad; today, I going to talk about the Mac.

As I wrote when Mavericks was released, I don need my Mac as much as I used to. I can do cover 360 iphone 6 amazon most of my work from iOS cover samsung j3 2017 juventus (particularly from my iPad mini), but that doesn mean that I don need a Mac for some tasks or that I stopped using it altogether. I still have to use a few OS X only apps and tools to get work done stuff that wouldn be possible on an iPad, no matter how hard I try.

I may not be covering new Mac app releases on a weekly basis anymore, but, honestly, 2013 has been the year of iOS 7, with thousands of third party developers shifting their focus to Apple mobile platform in order to update and redesign their apps in time for September. And the fact that Mavericks didn bring a radical new design or groundbreaking user features didn help either, as developers of Mac apps chose to release updates that focused on under the hood improvements and general optimizations.

And yet, in spite of a new design direction and several changes to built in apps, iOS 7 still doesn custodia cover samsung a10

come with valid alternatives to the stuff OS X is great at: a filesystem with easy management of files that can be opened by multiple apps, precision editing with a cursor, command line utilities, system wide automation tools, and more. For as much as the iOS ecosystem is maturing and changing at an incredible pace, I haven stopped using my Mac and there are some things that can only be done on OS X. And therefore, like every year, I have put together a list of the apps that I consider my must haves cover iphone 5 best friend apps that I install every time I set up my Mac and that I use regularly.

This year, I simplified the list and gotten rid of extra layers for apps that I no longer using. You can compare the 2013 list to last year one and follow links from there to go back to previous years. You also won find last year section for price and Mac App Store stats at the bottom: developers often make price changes and release new versions of their apps outside the Mac App Store, so, ultimately, those stats couldn be properly contextualized over time.

The list below is organized in four custodia cover iphone xs max sections: Main, for apps that I use several times every day; , for tools that I employ to research and craft articles for MacStories; and Image Video Editing, listing apps that allow me to put together screencasts, GIFs, and images for the site. My Twitter client of choice since I installed the first alpha in 2012. Tweetbot for Mac hasn changed much over the past months and it hasn gotten the design update of the iPhone counterpart for obvious reasons, but it remains the most powerful Twitter client for Mac: I regularly check on the status of the official Twitter app, but I keep going back to Tweetbot thanks to its smooth scrolling, superior keyboard shortcut selection, timeline sync with Tweet Marker, URL scheme, and many other little features that, together, make Tweetbot a fantastic Twitter experience for power users. The app still sports some bugs and rough edges, but it essentially open all day on my Mac and I couldn use Twitter without it.

Rdio. Since I found a way to use iTunes Match with my US iTunes account, I been using iTunes for Mac more. But, Rdio is still my go to music listening service. I prefer Rdio UI and music custodia cover huawei p30 pro

management features to Spotify besides the fact that I can group all my favorite artists and albums in a personal collection, Rdio lets me browse New Releases in a layout that makes sense and I peruse the History section to get a list of all the music I been enjoying recently. Rdio doesn force me to use playlists (although I do, both as a creator and subscriber) and Stations, cover samsung galaxy s4 black edition introduced this year, have been surprisingly good in terms of accuracy and suggestions (the FM personalized station is especially impressive).

The Rdio Mac app isn perfect but it better than using the website. Developed by The Iconfactory, Take Five hasn received major updates since its original release, but it still does everything I need and it works on Mavericks. Take Five lives in the menubar, passively monitoring music that playing in the Rdio cover samsung galaxy m20 app and allowing me to pause playback with a keyboard shortcut (hotkeys can be configured in the Preferences). Whenever I get a phone call or someone walks into my room, cover samsung note 2 ebay I can hit to quickly pause Rdio and again to resume a song. I don flip cover iphone 5 personalizzate use Take Five primary functionality the ability to automatically resume playback after five minutes but I do enjoy another keyboard related feature: with a separate hotkey, I can show Take Five popup just to look at the album artwork and song information.

Evernote. There just isn a comprehensive way to describe Evernote in a paragraph of an annual roundup. Evernote holds my research material (such as notes and screenshots), my outlines for articles, random bits of text captured from Drafts, and many other things. It my personal library of information synced across devices. Allow me to indulge on the aspects of the Evernote app for Mac that I a fan of.

On the Mac, Evernote has a quick entry popover that you can open by clicking on the Evernote icon in the menubar; here, you can type and paste text, drop links, attach images it makes for a great scratchpad for temporary information that you may or may not want to save as an individual note in the app. Thanks to Macs larger screen, Evernote benefits from a widescreen layout that has room for a configurable sidebar where you can put a lot of shortcuts and a note editor cover iphone 6s game of thrones that supports rich text and drag drop from and to the Finder. You can right click a note to create a direct link hyperlink; there is AppleScript support (I rely on it for my paperless workflow, among other stuff); and, it easy to create saved searches and drop notes into notebooks.

Evernote for Mac doesn mimic the iOS app just because it would be fashionable to do so and I glad that Evernote doesn use the excuse of to dumb down their desktop client. Quite the contrary: Evernote for Mac has often been the company testing ground for features that were later ported, with some limitations, to iOS.

ReadKit. What started as a desktop client for read later services such as Pocket and Instapaper evolved into a full featured RSS reader with support for Feed Wrangler and Feedly, my two favorite replacements to Google Reader. I don use ReadKit just because it the only Mac app that been updated with extensive integration with new RSS services (it unclear when Silvio Rizzi will unveil a new version of Reeder for Mac) I actually like many of ReadKit power user functionalities such as keyboard shortcuts and smart folders. ReadKit had its fair share of technical issues in the initial versions, but it been running smoothly for me under Mavericks and I check it every few minutes samsung s6 edge plus hoesje for new items from my RSS feeds. I like how ReadKit works and its customizable sharing menu, and I wish that there was an iOS version of it.

Dropbox. Obviously, the Dropbox app for Mac is a must have as it the only way to get native access to Dropbox on OS X. Dropbox is my filesystem, the safe cover samsung galaxy s4 gatto place where I can keep all my important personal (photos) and work (documents) files without worrying about sync or backups. The Mac app received a new design in March, giving the old menu a much needed refresh that turned it into a small popover with an easier way to share recently updated files. I don use the app built in cover samsung g3815 photo uploading and screenshot sharing features; the Selective Sync option available in Preferences > Advanced is a nice advantage of the system integration provided by Dropbox on the Mac.

1Password. After including 1Password in my list of must have Mac apps for years, it not really a surprise anymore. So instead of explaining why you should use 1Password (again and again), cover samsung a50 con frasi I going to mention my favorite aspects of version 4.0.

Aside from a new design that follows the excellent iOS app, 1Password for Mac now comes with a Mini menubar app to access your vault from anywhere on your computer: whether you have to fill a login in another app or simply want to log into a website and don have the browser extension installed, 1Password Mini is always available and has all the data of the main app, only in a smaller popover.

There a lot more to love about 1Password 4 for Mac: Favorites sync across iOS and OS X and can be easily accessed on the desktop; the random password generator is easier to use; you can create multiple vaults and share them with friends or coworkers without letting them see all your personal accounts in the primary vault. 1Password is the must have for Mac and AgileBits is constantly improving it.

Fantastical. I a big fan of Flexibits Fantastical on the iPhone, but the original Fantastical is the Mac app and I been using it every day cover samsung galaxy j56 for over two years now. Fantastical for Mac sits in the menubar and can be invoked with a keyboard shortcut, which brings up a popover where you can type natural language commands that the app will parse and intelligently transform in Calendar events or Reminders. Fantastical packs the right amount of powerful features and intuitive design into an elegant custodia cover huawei p smart 2019

interface that displays the information I need to cover samsung galaxy a5 2017 harry potter manage my schedule and the things I have to do. The app was recently updated with the possibility to attach due dates to reminders, bringing it on par with the feature set of the iPhone version. Fantastical is one of the finest apps on my Mac and I use it every day.

ClipMenu. I been using ClipMenu for years and, while not regularly updated anymore, it still works on Mavericks and it does exactly what I need. ClipMenu is a free clipboard manager that keeps track of the cover samsung je 2017 things (text, images, links, etc) you copy on your Mac and stores them in a local archive. ClipMenu is your clipboard history, accessible from a dropdown menu that can be activated with a hotkey and navigated entirely with the keyboard. I don need fancy previews or stats from my clipboard manager, and ClipMenu is simple and powerful enough to fit my needs perfectly.

Witness. Another app that hasn received a major update in months but that still works reliably is Witness. Developed by Orbicule, Witness turns your Mac iSight camera into a home/office security system that can detect movement, take snapshots and videos, and send a push notification to your iPhone when it notices that something going on in front of your Mac. without playing any sound) when motion is detected, firing off a remote notification in seconds so you can immediately be alerted of changes in your room. As a new apartment owner who hasn been able to buy a dedicated security system yet, Witness is a nice solution that could use a modern iOS 7 app, but that has been a trusted companion over the years and still does its job.

Keyboard Maestro. It hard to describe Keyboard Maestro: you can use it as a shortcut launcher or go crazy and start building macros that automate apps and use AppleScript to run complex tasks. In a nutshell, Keyboard Maestro is an automation tool that lets you build workflows akin to Automator, only with a library of built in actions that more powerful and flexible than Apple app. The amount of things that you can create with Keyboard Maestro is insane and listing them here would require writing a book on the topic. I use Keyboard Maestro to speed up Markdown editing, create screenshots, launch bookmarks with my keyboard, and more. Keyboard Maestro embodies what great about the Mac full access to the operating system and its apps.

Hazel. Alongside Keyboard Maestro, Hazel is the key element of my automation workflows for OS X. With Hazel, I monitor folders where I frequently save files (like screenshots, photos, and PDF documents) and run rules automatically based on criteria like file names, contents, or date. For instance, Hazel organizes my photo library, tags and archives scanned receipts, and processes documents into folders and sub folders without having to perform any manual operation. On my Mac mini server, Hazel constantly watches for new files going to a Dropbox folder and runs scripts to upload them to our CDN when it sees them. Hazel has saved me hours I would have spent boringly organizing files, and I love it.

Alfred. I use Alfred to launch apps, open Google searches in Safari, and navigate my Mac filesystem without the Finder. I never got into version 2.0 workflow system because I prefer the automation tools and UI provided by Keyboard Maestro, but as a launcher and Spotlight replacement, Alfred is my pick. I haven used Spotlight since the first version of Alfred came out and the app has only gotten better over the years.

Day One. I long called Day One a personal experience more than an app, and the Mac version is a fine piece of software. cover samsung galaxi trend lite Sometimes, it hard to look back at memories and old photos, but, in a way, that therapeutic for me. The Mac app was updated with new Mavericks only features earlier this year and I a fan of the Map view to browse entries by location.

Name Mangler. You can rename files using the Finder like an animal, or you can be happier with Name Mangler. I stumbled across Name Mangler when I realized that I couldn persist on manually batch renaming files, and since then the app has saved me hundreds of minutes. Name Mangler lets you save presets with variables for filename formats that you regularly use and the best part you can launch it with files you selected in the Finder ready to be renamed in the main screen. If you deal with renaming files on a daily basis, I can recommend Name Mangler enough. I use it for our screenshots and I thank Many Tricks every day for mediaworld cover samsung s3 neo making it.

VLC. There always a video file that QuickTime won open and that you don want to convert with Handbrake. VLC doesn have the best user interface ever, but it opens file formats that Apple apps don like and it the kind of app that it feels good to have around because, if all else fails, there will always be a way with VLC…