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Apple iPhone 11 Might Finally Ditch Lightning for USB C

Apple iPhone 11 Might Finally Ditch Lightning for coque panda samsung galaxy s5 USB CApple To Drop Lightning PortLike it or loath it, one coque iphone 8 rose poudré of the most common factors that generally makes Apple products stand out from the pack coque iphone 8 chili (other coque silicone jaune iphone 8 than their coque silicone galaxy s5 samsung price) is the fact that they have (somewhat stubbornly) chosen to stick with their Lightning samsung note 9 coque port connector when many of their competing products have largely all surphy coque iphone xs made the switch to the more universally accepted samsung coque note 4 2018 USB C.In coque huawei p30

a report via coque huawei pro engadget, however, rumours coque iphone 8 plus goyard are starting to coque iphone 8 hp gain some traction that for the release of the iPhone 11 (expected sometime in 2020) Apple might finally be ready to bite the bullet and made the permanent switch to USB C.Why NowWhile this might come as something of a minor shock, it coque tete de mort iphone 8 plus isn the first time that Apple has coque transparente coque personnalisees samsung silicone iphone 8 decided to make the switch. For example, coque chat coque huawei p8 samsung s6 the iPad Pro (released last year) was their first product to make the formal dumping of Lightning in favour of USB C.A Twitter post released (which claims to have an coque transparente iphone 8 pomme early iPhone 11 prototype) also claims to coque iphone 8 plus hamburger show that the charging coque iphone 8 silicone marron connection is made via a USB C. It doesn matter which way around you poke it in, it always seems to work excellently. It can however, be ignored that simply getting access to cables (if you left your charger at home) isn easy.Let me put this into context I have about 15 USB C cables currently around my home. At best, I have 2 Apple Lightning. It pretty clear which format is more popular and Apple has essentially become the Betamax of phone cabling. As such, I daresay that the vast majority of people will undoubtedly welcome the move.What do you think Let us know in the comments!Topics: Apple, iphone, iphone 11, lightning, Rumour, USB CLooking for more exciting features on the latest technology Check coque personnalisees iphone out our What We Know So Far section or our Fun Reads for some interesting original features…