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What the iPhone 12 should steal from the Galaxy S20

Back in the stone ages of smartphones, I used to joke that Nokia didn’t have any silicon or machine learning, so they just hung big glass on the back of everything and captured it all coque cerf iphone 8 plus optically. Apple didn’t have glass or servers so they used big silicon on everything, doing it all in the image signal processor. And Google, well, Google had no idea what phone you were using so it just sucked everything up into the cloud and auto awesomed everything on big servers.

We’ve come a long way since then and most phones now use a combination of better optics, better image signal processors, and better machine learning, but some companies still do some of them way better than others.

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Google still just crushes the algorithms. Everything from segmentation masking to super res zoom, which works similarly to Google’s HDR+ pipeline and Apple’s Smart HDR pipeline.

Basically, it takes a stack of photos all coque note 8 samsung gris within an incredibly short period of time, in this case, differentiated by the shaking of your hand or a simulation coque silicone fantaisie iphone 8 thereof, and then grinds through them and produces a single image with all the best color and detail information.

At the same time, Google seems coque iphone 8 plus oreille de mickey to have an irrational hatred for good optics. Every year they put out a new Pixel saying who needs a camera bump or optical stabilization or a telephoto or an ultra wide angle, only to figure out that yes, they need it the next year. So, as amazing as super res coque iphone 8 silicone sport zoom is, it’s limited by commodity cameras.

Huawei and now Samsung have taken the opposite approach. Because their machine learning and algorithms are nowhere nearly as good as Google, they’ve gone all in on big optics. Even and now especially for zoom.

Now, as anyone with a zoom lens knows, they’re long and there’s just no way to stick them on the back of a phone without them sticking out like a canon from the back of the phone Unless you fold them sideways. Yeah, sideways, and then use prisms to bend the light straight again front and back.

That’s what Huawei did with the periscope zoom and it’s what Samsung is doing with the new Ultra zoom.

Since zoom is one of the few dedicated camera features Apple hasn’t really addressed, not since the 2x of the iPhone 7, it’s something I’d love to see them tackle in the next iPhone.

Doing it in a similar way to Google makes the most sense. Again, Apple already has a Smart HDR pipeline that could be adapted coque samsung s6 suicide squad to computational zoom the same way Google adapted HDR+ to Super Res Zoom.

It provides a lot of the benefits of optical zoom without taking up a ton of space note 9 coque samsung original inside the device, space which is always at a huge premium.

But Apple also goes several extra more miles than Google when coque samsung s5 paysage it comes to camera hardware. Their strength, recently, has been mixing really good optics with really good silicon and topping it off with really good machine learning.

So, I would love to see some periscope like hardware in the next iPhone along with some super zoom style software.

That way, I could scratch take photos and videos of sports, keynotes, and trips right off my dedicated camera coque de samsung galaxy s5 avec aneau list.12 megapixels is how many the iPhone 11 Pro’s wide angle, telephoto, and ultra wide angle cameras have. Google Pixel 4 uses 12 megapixels for coque iphone 7

the coque iphone xr main wide angle as well but goes to 16 megapixels for the telephoto.

That’s just the best compromise, the best balance between quantity and quality coque samsung a20 they’ve come to in the post megapixel coque iphone paillette 8 wars worlds.

Samsung’s S20 Ultra stays with 12 megapixels for coque kylie jenner iphone xs max the ultra wide coque flottante liquide paillete pour samsung s6 but coque iphone 8 d30 escalates rapidly from there with a 48 megapixels telephoto and 108 megapixel wide angle.

Now, it’s a complicated subject. Often times companies go higher megapixel simply by chopping up the sensor into smaller and smaller pixels, which means they take in less light than they would have otherwise, and all you get is more of less worse picture quality, not better.

To compensate, they’ll pixel bin, or re combine all those many smaller megapixels into bigger fewer ones again, hoping to get something more than the sum of their tiny parts.

In the S20′s case, it can use 9 times pixel binning to coque samsung s7 gris coque iphone 7 8 squeeze those 108 megapixels down to 12 megapixel photos.

They’re also using a one over one thirds sensor, which as camera phones go is enormous, and a quad Bayer filter. That means the pixels are color filtersred, green, blue, green in 2 by 2 grids, so the full number of them can be used in brighter light, for example, or the color filters can be binned coque samsung s6 edge plus coque iphone 4 marbre or interleaved down for better HDR or low light.

But, in September of 2017, what would become the Pro line of iPhones switched to OLED and, back then, OLED just wasn’tready.

In 2019, that started to change, with OnePlus, ASUS, even Google, pushing out 90 and 120Hz OLED panels. And ariana grande coque iphone 8 plus now, Samsung, which thus far has been fabricating the OLED panels Apple designs for the iPhone, has gone to 120Hz as well…