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WhatsApp’s New Tipline Isn’t Really a Helpline for Those Looking to Verify News

WhatsApp has launched a new tipline in India ahead of the elections WhatsApp users can forward rumors they coque samsung s4 bleu receive to this tipline coque samsung galaxy s4 mini the walking dead coque simpsons iphone 5 Not coque samsung j3 drapeau all queries will be answered, but WhatsApp is building a database

Earlier this week, WhatsApp announced a coque iphone 5 couple

new tipline in an coque samsung galaxy young amazone effort to combat fake news ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections coque samsung galaxy s3 eleven paris in India. coque samsung galaxy note 3 lite or WhatsApp users can submit rumours they receive on the popular messaging platform to the ‚Checkpoint Tipline’. But what seemed like coque samsung galaxy gt n8010 an easy way to verify news on WhatsApp, isn’t really what everyone thought it would be. Instead, the tipline is merely coque iphone 5 santa cruz helping WhatsApp build a database of fake news in order to study misinformation spreading on coque samsung pour samsung galaxy s6 its platform, something it has coque samsung galaxy j3 2016 valentino rossi been clear enough about from the start.

The tipline has been launched by an Indian media skilling startup called Proto. marble iphone 11 case

The company has revealed more details about its partnership with WhatsApp via a FAQs (frequently asked questions) page on its official website, as spotted by BuzzFeed.

According to Proto, Checkpoint is simply a research project which has been commissioned by WhatsApp, which is also providing all sorts of technical assistance. coque iphone 8 The primary goal of the project is to „study the misinformation phenomenon at scale.”

WhatsApp users can share links, text messages, or photos they think could be fake to a phone number (+91 9643000888). coque iphone xs The automated system asks the user coque samsung galaxy grand prime g5308 if they’d like coque samsung galaxy j5 2016 style to verify the submitted data, and on confirmation responds with, „Thank you, we’ve received and you should hear from us again shortly.”

We shared a number of links and few coque samsung galaxy core prime des minions photos with the Checkpoint tipline, but haven’t received any response yet apart from the automated replies.

Proto says all this data will help the company understand how misinformation is spread on WhatsApp. User submitted data will help identify the various issues, locations, languages, and regions being used while spreading coque iphone 5 disney roi lion

fake news on coque samsung galaxy s9 zizo bolt coque rouge apple iphone xr robuste the popular messaging platform.

The startup also makes it very clear that the Checkpoint Tipline is only for gathering data for research and is „not a helpline” that will respond to all of the users’ queries on WhatsApp.

To be fair, in its announcement this week, WhatsApp coque samsung tab a smt 280 did mention Checkpoint was a research project. coque iphone 5

„Launched by Proto, an India based media skilling coque samsung galaxy grand plus ours startup, this tipline will help create a database of rumours to study misinformation during elections for Checkpoint a research project commissioned and technically assisted by WhatsApp.”

However, coque samsung galaxy j7 stitch this doesn’t mean that the tipline wouldn’t respond at all. Proto says, on its official website, that the company may verify the „reliability” of the submitted content and choose to respond to a user on WhatsApp with their findings.

Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, is already under considering amazon coque samsung s3 mini pressure to deal with misinformation in India ahead of the upcoming general elections. coque iphone 8 pas cher Earlier this week, Facebook said it took down 15 pro BJP pages on its platform with millions of followers. The coque samsung a10 leclerc world’s largest social network says it also removed 687 pages and accounts linked with India’s opposition party Congress.