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OPPO Reno Ace Gundam Edition Review

We often see smartphone makers partner coque galaxy s7 tropical with automotive brands like McLaren, Porsche, and Lamborghini for limited edition smartphones. These are cool devices, but what if you a fan of something else Well, that what OPPO did with the release of the Reno Ace Gundam 40th Anniversary Edition. Only 30,000 units were released worldwide, so check out our review below.

Design and Construction

The Reno Ace Gundam 40th Anniversary Edition pays tribute to the iconic Gundam RX 78 2 piloted by protagonist Amuro Ray, from the very first Gundam series, Mobile Suit coque iphone 6 harley quinn Gundam. The accents used in the smartphone’s design are that of the RX 78 2′s signature colors: red, blue, and yellow/gold. Mainly metallic silver in hue, the body of the Reno Ace Gundam edition is pretty reminiscent of a mobile suit’s frame.

Included in the box are a 40th anniversary collector’s medal, an RX 78 2 shield case, and the RX 78 2 themed 65W Super VOOC 2.0 charger.

In the hands, the Reno Ace feels coque galaxy s6 portefeuille licorne

robust and high end. The handset is also comfortable in the palms, due to its slightly curved coque iphone &à rear. Its frosted glass back is pleasing to look at and a wonder to hold coque iphone 7 got among all the smartphones with smooth, slippery glass rears. Despite being frosted, fingerprint and smudges still tack onto it. supreme iphone 11 case Thankfully, OPPO included a case in the package. As this is the Gundam edition, OPPO coque iphone 5s star wars silicone included a case in the box, designed with the RX 78 2′s shield.

Housed in a gold accented module on the rear are the smartphone’s four cameras, consisting of a 48MP f/1.7 Sony IMX586 main, 13MP f/2.4 telephoto, 8MP f/2.2 ultra wide, and 2MP f/2.4 mono cameras. The module is slightly raised from the body, but it’s not coque iphone 5c sac a main bothersome, nor does coque silicone galaxie s5

it make the device wobble on a flat surface.

Placed next griffin coque iphone 8 to the camera module is the logo of the Earth Federation Space Force (EFSF), which is the military branch of the Earth Federation in the Universal Century timeline that the series is set in. Below the camera modules are the OPPO logo and the coque iphone 7 weed mobile suit’s name, Gundam RX 78 2. coque iphone 8 pas cher They’re printed in gold and highlighted with a reflective red band. A few spaces down, we have the RX 78 2′s face coque iphone samsung galaxy g3 coque 6 tottenham inscribed in gold color as well.

Upfront, we get a sizeable 6.5 inch FHD+ display that has a refresh rate of 90Hz. Thin bezels surround the panel, and there’s a waterdrop notch where the 16MP f/2.0 camera resides.

The top part of the Reno Ace is dipped in blue. coque iphone 5 Apart from the noise canceling microphone, the top is pretty bare.

The 3.5mm headphone jack, primary microphone, USB C port, and the speaker grille take up space at the bottom part of the device that’s red.

On the left, we get the volume rocker with its clicky buttons. Noticeably, the blue red hues of the top and bottom part of the device coque iphone 7 mikey extend a bit to the sides of the Reno Ace.

Last coque iphone nasa but not least, on the right, we get the dual nano SIM tray and the power button a few paces below it. As with most OPPO smartphones, the Reno Ace’s power button also has a green accent to it.

Display and Multimedia

The display is one of the strongest suits of the Reno Ace. It has a large 6.5 inch screen with Full HD+ (2400 x 1080) coque iphone 4 louis tomlinson resolution or equal coque iphone 5c homme pas cher to a crisp 405ppi. It uses an AMOLED panel, so colors are punchy with deep blacks and good contrast. Users will also like the 90Hz screen for that very fluid experience, although you disney store coque iphone 7 can choose to use the 60Hz refresh rate to save on power.

Other display options are also available like Screen Color Mode, where you can choose between Vivid or Gentle, OSIE Vision Effect to enhance the viewing experience on select apps, and Night Shield to reduce eye strain when viewing the screen at night.

When it comes to audio, the coque iphone 5c vélo Reno Ace boasts stereo speakers using the bottom firing speaker and the earpiece. The quality is okay but immersive, and good enough for watching videos.

The quality is great for all cameras when shooting in bright conditions. The primary camera, coque iphone 5 noir silicone as expected, produces the sharpest images. Zoom quality is also okay, but the quality degrades once you go past 2x zoom. Low light performance is also good, but you have to have steady hands, especially when shooting in Night mode coque iphone loic nottet as it is susceptible to motion blur.

For video recording, the OPPO Reno Ace can shoot up to 4K video at 60fps. Video stabilization is excellent and can eliminate most shakes. coque iphone 5 pas cher You can also record in Super Steady mode, which shoots up to 1080p at 60fps if you want steady videos. coque iphone 7 pas cher

Watch the 4K sample below.

OS, UI, and Apps

The OPPO Reno Ace runs on ColorOS 6.1 based on Android 9.0 Pie. Since it a Gundam Edition, it has an exclusive Gundam theme for the wallpapers coque galaxy grand prime miroir and icons. Unfortunately, the unit coque iphone 6 imprimé we received doesn have that, but we were able to take some photos of it while we were in China.

It worth knowing that this device won get a global release since OPPO only got a license to distribute it in China. Meaning, it doesn have Google services out of the box. You can sideload it though by searching for the right Play Store APK on the internet, so be careful.

As expected, the Reno Ace is filled with Chinese oriented services and apps like Breeno, which is OPPO version of an AI assistant, OPPO app market, Game Space, Quick Game, Smart Home, and Alipay integration, coque coque de protection galaxy buds iphone 6 livraison to name a few. That some impressive flagship spec right there. coque iphone x

There no support for a microSD card, though, but it not a big deal since it has a large storage capacity.