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Samsung Galaxy S11 will have a Revolutionary Design

Samsung released the coque samsung a5 caoutchouc Galaxy S10 series at the beginning of 2019. supreme iphone 11 case

coque iphone xr tintin It looks like Samsung is ready to take the next leap forward as far as the design of the next S series Galaxy device is coque samsung galaxy j3 2017 bts concerned. Ever coque samsung a3 2017 danse since the release of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, the design coque samsung galaxy s4 silicone transparente of Galaxy S series coque iphone xr vampire coque samsung wave 575 amazon devices has been identical.

The modern day Samsung Galaxy S10 device features an Infinity O notch display alongside in display fingerprint sensor and tri camera setup. star wars iphone 11 case As of now, Samsung Galaxy S10 is the most advanced smartphone that people can get their hands on. iphone 11 case kate spade It seems Samsung has got coque samsung a3 2017 star wars some tricks up its sleeve. The online sources have discovered a new patent that comes from the heart of South coque samsung s6 edge view cover Korean iphone xr coque star wars conglomerate. Samsung is having even massive plans in store for its 2020 coque amoureux iphone xr

flagship S series Galaxy device.

According to coque iphone xr miami

an online source, Samsung is heading towards curating coque samsung galaxy core prime tigre a new Galaxy S series device, probably the forthcoming Galaxy S11. The patent suggests coque samsung a5 amazone that Samsung comment enlever coque samsung j3 Galaxy S11 would feature a durable and an expandable display. Sources are also suggesting that coque samsung j3 2016 cheval Samsung had filed the patent in the previous year. coque iphone 5 Later in May 2019, the design coque samsung galaxy s7 mickey patent for the next gen Galaxy S11 was approved, and it was coque iphone xr amoureux published on the 24th of June 2019.

There is a highly likely chance that the patent is for an upcoming flagship design or simply an evolution of Samsung Galaxy Fold. Samsung attempted to release the game changing Galaxy Fold smartphone back in April 2019; however, the phone wasn released in any of the markets.

The new patent design comes with a hole punch display which has the same size as the Galaxy S10+ alongside a front facing camera. coque iphone 11 The device comes with a shifted center at its display and coque samsung s5 dbz tri camera setup on the backside of the phone.

Will the device feature an expandable screen

Just like the Galaxy Fold, the new device is likely to feature an expandable coque samsung galaxy j5 2017 krokmou screen. Moreover, it is extremely unclear as to how the new expandable screen would function. coque iphone 6 pas cher Nevertheless, coque samsung galaxy note 1 emoji there is a highly likely chance that the device will extend the display to almost 50%.

The forthcoming device has a sturdier foldable screen as compared to Galaxy Fold. custom iphone 11 case

The upcoming foldable phone might give coque samsung galaxy core prime tal the consumers more display to work with when they would be on the move.