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discover the Samsung Galaxy S9 camera

The cutting edge Samsung Galaxy camera is a coque p8 lite 2016 huawei disney hot topic right now. And Samsung are about to launch a UK spectacular to showcase why the S9 and S9+ are the best camera phones around.

The tech giants will be making an existential marketing mark on the achat coque samsung galaxy core prime London landscape with ‚The Night Reimagined’ event, by projecting an amazing light structure across London’s skyline. So, if you’re in fnac coque samsung galaxy core prime the capital between the 15th and 17th of March and you look at the night sky, you’ll be in for a technicoloured treat.

This night time spectacular is to mark the launch of the amazing Samsung coque samsung galaxy j5 2015 stitch Galaxy S9 series, and it’s designed to celebrate the incredible low light camera on the brand new devices. The aim is for as many people as possible to capture and share both the beauty of the event, and the photos taken with the awesome Samsung Galaxy S9 camera .

The Night Reimagined: what, coque samsung wave 575 personnalisée when coque dragon ball pour huawei p8 2017

and where

It’ll take place in Potters Field between City Hall and Tower Bridge from the 15th 17th March. supreme iphone 11 case The base of the lightshow itself coque huawei p8 lite 2017 glitter will be a scaffold tower that’s branded as a massive, 7 metre tall, number ’9′ in the signature Samsung lilac purple colour. The lasers will shine through a letterbox style hole and twist and turn towards London’s Scalpel building between 6pm and 11pm each night.

Although you should be able to see the light show from most places in London, get yourself on Tower Bridge walkway or grab a meal at the Sky Garden on Fenchurch Street if you want to be slap bang in the middle of the action.

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s ALL about the camera. coque iphone xs But if you haven’t managed coque samsung galaxy s5 mini johnny hallyday to get your hands on an coque de huawei p8 lite 2017 pour fille

S9 yet, don’t worry, because we’ve got all the info you need right here.

Why we love the camera on the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

It’s amazing in low light

Over the years, coque huawei p8 lite 2017 gel silicone noir

we’ve become accustomed to the idea that the wider a smartphone camera’s aperture lens, the better. But Samsung are super good at switching it up, and one of the things that makes the S9 and S9+ so special is the dual aperture lens. It cleverly works like the iris of a human eye so it adjusts depending on the amount of light coming in. If you shoot in normal or low light it uses a wider f/1.5 aperture (that lets more light in); but if you’re taking a photo in bright light, it uses a narrower f/2.4.

Put simply, the S9 and S9+ can give you awesome photos when light isn’t on your side so Samsung are coque samsung galaxy s6 edge personnalisée all set to capture the up coming light coque samsung s7 edge dbz show perfectly.

It comes with Super Slow mo

Hailed as the camera that ‚slows down time’, the S9 and the S9+ can capture slow motion videos at an incredible 960 frames per second (fps). As a form of reference, the Apple iPhone X captures slow mo at coque samsung s4 mini bmw just 240 fps.

The result is amazing because you can watch moments unfold in a way you normally couldn’t. Choose between auto mode, which captures the action as soon as a moving subject is in view; or go for manual mode where you tap the slow mo button to capture the exact moment you want.

If you’re a camera connoisseur and want all the techie details, the coque samsung galaxy note 2 stitch Super Slow mo camera on the S9 and S9+ can capture 0.2 second video segments (which last 6 seconds when played back) each with a resolution of 1280 coque samsung galaxy s7 fleurs x 720. Simples.

The S9+ comes with a dual rear camera

Both the S9 and the S9+ feature a 12 megapixel camera with a dual aperture that we’ve covered above; but you also get a 12 megapixel telephoto lens on the S9+.

This basically means that the camera has a coque samsung galaxy s5 new disney 2x optical zoom (like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8). coque iphone 6 So, when you want coque samsung s7 edge lumineuse to get a great close up, you can zoom right in with less distortion.

You get extra clarity coque samsung galaxy core prime harley quinn with multi frame processing

Put simply, when you take coque samsung galaxy j3 voiture a photo on the S9 and S9+ the camera actually captures 12 images and compiles them into 3 groups of 4. star wars iphone 11 case coque eau huawei p8 lite 2017 Each group of images (or frames) is then processed in a split second and combined coque samsung grand blanc into one premium pic that reduces ‚noise’. coque iphone xr

‚Noise’ refers to visual distortion coque samsung s8 joom which produces those grainy photos that we’ve all taken at some point coque samsung s6 et grand prime in our lives. With multi frame processing, you basically get much more clarity and a sharper image.

Multi frame processing is also another reason why the S9 and S9+ cameras are so great in low light conditions, where ‚noise’ tends to be more of a problem.

So, there we have it. coque iphone 7

Everything you ever wanted to know about the main camera features on the S9 and S9+.

Don’t miss the S9 and S9+ coque samsung s6 edge original or in action during The Night Reimagined event because Samsung will bring them alive in a way that only Samsung can.