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Tragically, New York, the No. l city of the world, becomes the epicenter cover s9 sito, FENDER GUITAR AMPLIFIER 2 Cover Samsung Galaxy S9 of America. Over the last four decades, New York is also the city being infiltrated the most by the CCP. conquer the enemies, the first priority is to capture the head states a Chinese proverb. To counteract the CCP, the priority is to start cleansing the CCP infiltration from New York. Not only will this greatly help New York recover from the pandemic, but also it will set a good model for the rest of the nation, leading the entire nation and the western countries to a recovery. The sooner these actions could be implemented, the sooner the recovery will be.

The article states that both New miglior cover s9, DRAGON BALL Z SYMBOL Cover Samsung Galaxy S9 York and Hong Kong are world financial centers. The population in New York is 8.5 million, while Hong Kong is one cover s8 puro, DEPORTIVO NECAXA LOGO 3 Cover Samsung Galaxy S8 million less, or 7.5 million. Both cities are tourist centers, attracting almost the same number of tourists, each at a whopping 65 million every year. In terms of tourists from mainland China, New York receives 1.1 million visitors from mainland China every year, while Hong Kong receives a shocking 51 cover s9, FORD MUSTANG FRONT LOGO Cover Samsung Galaxy S9 million annually, 46 times that of New York. Geographically, New York is 7,500 miles from Wuhan, while Hong Kong is only 570 miles away, 13 times closer. Just about every figure suggests that Hong Kong should have a much higher risk of pandemic cover s9 0.3, ERIC CHURCH SIGNATURE Cover Samsung Galaxy S9 outbreaks than New York. However, the actual pandemic data are exactly the opposite.

As of April 16, the number of confirmed infections in New York is 110,465, compared to 1,016 in Hong Kong; New cover s9 puro, DURAMAX DIESEL LOGO METAL Cover Samsung Galaxy S9 York is 100 times higher. The number of deaths in New York is 7,905, compared to only 4 in Hong Kong; New York is almost 2,000 times higher. As of April 16, Hong Kong remained still open, while New York already implemented shelter in place for over 3 weeks. What is wrong with New York

Closer to Chinese Communist Party, The Worse trony cover s8, FALLOUT VAULT Cover Samsung Galaxy S8 the Pandemic

On March 11 and April 23, 2020, The Epoch Times published two consecutive editorials on the pandemic, disclosing the deep, mysterious insights, pandemic comes to target the Communist Party, it is to eliminate the CCP and pro communist elements. Out of China, the areas that are EU Ultra Slim Custodia iPhone 7 Copertura Protettiva Sottile Plus hit the hardest in the pandemic are those close to the CCP, those that used to blood to the CCP, back up the CCP. Ozaki Case Ultra Slim Back Cover iPhone 6 – iMedia Stores The same is true for many infected individuals. the world No.1 city, New York is the center of the global economy, finance, commerce, and media. It also has a great influence on global cover s8 naruto, DRAGON BALL SUPER ULTRA INSTINCT 1 Cover Samsung Galaxy S8 politics, education, and entertainment. It is where the headquarters of the United Nations, WHO and other international organizations are located. Through decades of penetration, these organizations are heavily controlled by the CCP.

The significance of New York city made it the No. 1 target of the CCP infiltration. infiltrating New York ‚s economy, finance, commerce, media, culture, education, the Chinese community and every other field, not only does the Chinese Communist Party manage to send commercial migliori cover s9, DETROIT TIGERS 4 Cover Samsung Galaxy S9 profits and trade secrets back to China; but also exports the Chinese Communist Party ‚s ideology and human rights persecution overseas. At the same time, the CCP has attempted to seize the world leadership, to counteract the United States. (1)

The editorial on April 23, 2020 also provided Prescriptions for the Pandemic

individuals, organizations, and countries can take actions to stay far away from the CCP, denounce the CCP, and stop backing up the CCP, they can alleviate or even avoid the pandemic attacks and welcome a good future. (1)

Wall Street Must End Transfusing Blood to cover s8 puro, DISNEY HAUNTED MANSION LOGO Cover Samsung Galaxy S8 the CCP

For the Communist China regime to survive, one necessity is wealth like blood for a human. Sadly, the survival of the CCP is sustained by Wall Street, the American financial capital. Wall street has played a dominant Case Cover Case Ultra Slim 03 mm for Apple iPhone X XS Silicone

role in transfusing blood to the CCP for many years. Street has become the backstage supporter which financially sustains the Chinese Communist regime. Cover iPhone 6/6S Plus Ultra-Slim 0.3 Pink Phone covers Cases the past 20 plus years, financial groups on Wall Street have been encouraging cover s9 sito, FRIENDS TV SERIES 3 Cover Samsung Galaxy S9 Americans to invest in Chinese businesses. companies, real estate, and other businesses. Wall Street was also lobbying policy makers for decisions that favor China. (2)

For an instance, the three major institutions (MSCIMorgan Stanley Capital International, FTSE Russell, protective standing cover s9, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH Cover Samsung Galaxy S9 Bloomberg Index) have endorsed A share stocks and CCP government bonds, enriching the CCP by at least $500B. Many securities firms, investment banks, and accounting firms colluded with China to cheat, helping more than a thousand Chinese companiesto profit through IPOs. Besides, JP Morgan establishes a Project BACK CASE COVER IPHONE 7 4.7 Ultra slim 0.3mm TRANSPARENT 45152 that hires the children tiger cover s8, EMILY THE STRANGE MYSTERY Cover Samsung Galaxy S8 of the CCP elites. This project has become a symbol of close cooperation between Wall Street and theCCP elites. (2)

Wall Street should end the blood transfusion to China and separate itself from the CCP:

1. move the wealth back to America or elsewhere until the CCP collapses

2. end Projects and let go CCP agents within American firms

3. stop IPO of Chinese companies until the CCP collapses

4. audit Chinese companies enlisted on the stock market

Not only will these actions greatly accelerate the disintegration of the CCP, but also will protect Wall Street itself and New York from the pandemic. Only by ending the collaboration with the CCP, Wall Street could welcome a good future.

End the CCP at Time Square and Other Media

Time Square is the landmark of New York City. August 1, 2011, Xinhua News has maintained a 24/7 presence on a 60 by 40 foot billboard overlooking Times Square. sign sits atop flashing ads for Prudential, Coca Cola, and Samsung, making it one of the most visible ikalula cover s8, DUKE BLUE DEVILS Cover Samsung Galaxy S8 billboards in the world, reported NPR. May 19, 2011, the CCP mouthpiece Xinhua moved its North American headquarters to 1540 Broadway with a 20 year lease. Another mouthpiece, People Daily Online, became a tenant of the Empire State Building on July 13, 2011. newspapers for supplements or inserts, includingTheWall Street Journal,TheNew York Times,TheWashington spigen cover s9, DIVERGENT AMITY Cover Samsung Galaxy S9 Post, andUSA Today. All the inserts are called Watch, and all the content are fromChina Daily. advantage of of Speech the CCP propaganda has been insidiously spreading the poisonous communism ideology to brainwash American public(3). Freedom of Speech is not for the evil to spread its poisons. New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, etc.), CCTV, China Daily, People Daily (by Xinhua News Agency), China Global Television Network (CGTN), China Radio International, should end as soon as possible. campuses. received funding from China tech giant Huawei in the past 6 years, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Princeton University, University of California at Berkeley, and Cornell. (2)

The infiltration into American Ultra Slim TPU Case Cover iPhone SE / 5 / 5S – Crystal Clear price universities and colleges is an important part of China’s overseas propaganda setup. Hence,

1. all universities and colleges must stop accepting donations from any Chinese companies or Chinese organizations.3. All Confucius Institutes must be immediately shut down…