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As per Huawei, the HiAI cover samsung s6edge

Engine integrates plurality of AI capabilities and apps [that make] the apps more intelligent and powerful. Developers will now be able to download the DDK (Driver Development Kit), SDK (Software Development Kit), cover celly iphone 7 and IDE (Integrated Development cover con foto iphone 5c Environment) for the HiAI Engine to implement it within their apps.

The HiAI Engine also brings with it prezzi cover iphone 5 an automatic cover samsung s6 edge plus originale

speech recognition (ASR) engine which includes features like speech recognition, speech conversion gameboy cover iphone 5s and text to speech. cover iphone 7 squat However, the ASR engine is currently not open outside China.

To complement the ASR engine, cover samsung j 5 2016 HiAI also includes a cover iphone 4s spongebob natural language guess cover iphone 4s understanding (NLU) engine, but it also not available outside Chine cover samsung s5mini as of the moment. The NLU engine allows computers to understand the human voice which facilitates more natural communication between them. Capabilities of the NLU engine include word segmentation, text entity cover iphone metallo recognition, emotive cover in silicone cover samsung core iphone 6 apple tendency analysis, and machine translation. On top of that, HiAI Engine also includes:Document correction and document detection

Face detection and facial comparison

Image category label (used to identify objects within an image)

Image cover iphone frida kahlo super resolution (used to intelligently enlarge images)

Character image cover samsung galaxy j3 2016 tumblr

super resolution (used homer simpson cover iphone 5 to enlarge image including characters by up to nine times)

Code detection (used to detect QR codes and bar cover disney iphone codes)

While the features seem promising it too early to say cover spiderman iphone 5 how the HiAI engine will benefit the smartphone ecosystem. Since the engine is now available for developers, it won be long before we see apps that make use of the engine. cover sigarette iphone 5s..