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Anchor Hadley Gamble began cover samsung a 5 201 the cover samsung galaxy j 5 2015 interview with a question addressed to all those present about the chances of success of the new Lebanese government headed by Hassan Diab.

With the exception of one person, none of the attendees was optimistic about the new cover samsung tab a 2015 government, which many believe Basil was one of its most prominent engineers.

Where did you get thisThen the presenter continued her cover samsung e7 conversation with Basil, and asked him, did you get to this forum Did you come on a private plane there were signs of exclamation on the former Lebanese minister, who repeated his interview question before answering it: I came at my own expense. he added: rumors and lies spread in such matters. But I got used to it. In fact, I cover samsung tab 2 8 pollici did not cost the state treasury one penny. anchor was not satisfied with that answer, so I followed it with another question: can a Lebanese minister who earns $ 5,000 a month rent cover samsung s5 neo rossa a private plane Is it from the family’s money replied: it is a gift from cover samsung a3 2017 amazon a friend. I brought an invitation here. hope to have friends like these, the anchor commented in a sarcastic tone.

Here, Sigrid Kagg, the Dutch Minister of Trade and the cover samsung core cover samsung galaxy 6 edge duo former Special Coordinator of the United Nations in Lebanon, intervened, saying: we are in government, we are prohibited from having such friends. told the forum organizers that I will not be in the position when the conference takes place, but they insisted on hosting me, said Basil.

The dialogue between the minister and the presenter prolonged, which confirmed on more than one occasion that many Lebanese do not want him as the representative of their country in Davos.

But the minister cover samsung a6 2018 amazon replied, have the right to represent Lebanon, of course, cover samsung s6 edge silicone because I am the president of the largest cover samsung galaxy s4 flip parliamentary bloc.

His name and the name of the American broadcaster topped the lists of the most frequently cover samsung a5 disney spoken phrases on Twitter in the country.

The singers also called Basil not representing me and called for him to delete Basil participation, and reminded him of the campaigns rejecting his departure and his representation of Lebanon in the forum. large segment of the tweet also focused on assessing the performance of the American anchor, by praising and ridiculing failure to keep up with her questions. Lebanese saw that the broadcaster was able to break the aura surrounding Basil himself without prejudicing the basics of the journalistic work.

A group of them said that it provided lesson in preparing interesting and discreet dialogues for many Arab media professionals. compared a ebay cover samsung a5

dialogue with the Lebanese minister to an interview she had had with Saudi Minister cover samsung galaxy s5 mini unicorno of State for Foreign Affairs Adel Al Jubeir, on the sidelines of the Davos conference.

Why cover samsung galaxy j5 in silicone do the Lebanese criticize Basil more than othersA few days ago, a new government was formed in Lebanon headed by Hassan Diab, with the support of Hezbollah and its cover samsung s3 mini originale allies.

One of the most prominent supporters of the Diab government is the Free Patriotic Movement, headed by Basil.

The new government was cover samsung j7 2016 harry potter rejected by a cover samsung galaxy s8 bumper large segment of the Lebanese, who took a strong street, demanding the departure of the entire political cover samsung galazy j5 class.

Some of them also chanted slogans such as: away, go Hassan, cover samsung galaxy s3 stich go away, Bassil. Lebanese protesters considered that the new government had reproduced the sectarian quota system, which had sparked demonstrations in Lebanon.

Since October 17, Lebanon has witnessed protests against the political class, which they hold responsible for the deteriorating economic situation and the spread of corruption.

Basil won the lion share of criticism and insults.

The former Lebanese foreign minister leads bloggers discussions on social media.

He is described by a group of Lebanese as the son in law and who made his way through patronage and corruption.

While many also cover samsung galaxy s 4 accuse him of racism and sectarianism, and consider him one of the opponents of the recent protests…