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Watch an iPhone X get hit with a hammer and stabbed with a knife

Torture testing a new iPhone model via a series of drop tests and other bizarre experiments has essentially become a rite of ebay custodia iphone 6s passage at this point. Still, it’s a bit surprising that a cover iphone 7plus roma few folks have already put the iPhone X through the ringer.The iPhone X, after all, retails for $1,000 on the low end and is easily the most expensive iPhone model huawei mate 20 pro hoesje ever released. Further, with iPhone X supply being somewhat low relative to other iPhone releases, folks who opt to destroy their current iphone 7 con cover model may not be able to pick up another one for quite some time.That notwithstanding, iPhone X stress tests are already starting to make their way onto YouTube and some are comically random and decidedly unscientific.Case in point: the following video from theTechRaxYouTube channel sets out to see what happens when someone takes a hammer to amazon iphone 5s custodia cover samsung note5 cover the iPhone X display cover iphone 6 custodia cover huawei y6 2017

plus contrassegno and a sharp knife to cover in oro iphone 5 the rear panel.Now that’s all well and good, but the testing quickly devolves to the iPhone X being smashed and destroyed with no rhyme or reason from varying heights custodia iphone 6 giallo and with varying levels of power. The following video, in a nutshell, is laughably absurd but samsung galaxy s8 plus hoesje oddly entertaining nonetheless.With that little preamble out of the way, let’s jump right in.The video begins at the 1:24 mark when TechRax starts samsung galaxy j5 custodia a libro stabbing the iPhone X’s rear casing. I’m not exactly sure what this test is supposed to measure, but the iPhone X more cover iphone 4 ebay or less emerged unscathed.The real fun, cover samsung a20e though, begins at the 2:30 custodia morbida iphone 7 mark when a 3 pound hammer is repeatedly dropped on the iPhone X from an unknown height. Shortly thereafter, our fearless tester begins actively pounding the iPhone X with a hammer before the front glass ultimately shatters.The entire video can be viewed below.What Colors iPhone 8 would be Offered In Apple Ashley Taylor May 12, 20170After the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S8, people have put their sight and expectations over the iPhone 8 the upcoming cover iphone 4s teschi flagship from.Top 10 Launchers For Android Smartphones And Tablets Android miglior custodia iphone 6 plus Mukesh Bhardwaj January 20, 20170In this article, we are going to take a look at the top 10 best launchers for android smartphones and tablets. But first we.SanDisk reveals the world’s first 400 GB microSD card Technology Naveedh Samad September cover iphone 6 fluorescente 1, 20170Imagine storing up to 40 hours of Full HD videos inside ONE tiny microSD card. Add to that, the transfer speeds of 100MB/s and.No With Chrome app helps students chausson pokemon learn to code Google Play Store Sophia custodia iphone 6s plus rosa Carr May 30, 20160Google is all set to teach coding to students and all those interested, with cover libro iphone 5s its new app called Coding with Chrome. The app, which is.How to delete your Instagram account Instagram Sophia Carr June 5, 20160Is Instagramso engrossing it is keeping you from having a productive life Conversely, maybe it’s not good enough or there are certain things in there…