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Only one curve separates the villas of Gvea and the unplastered houses of credito pelle Plus Integrale A Custodia portafoglio iPhone the Rocinha. When Opinioni per Cover iPhone 5S ULAK iPhone SE Custodia ibrida a Bernhard Weber turns into the parking lot in the favela, one of the largest poor neighborhoods in Brazil with 70,000 inhabitants, a line has formed in front of it.

Weber already distributed 40 parcels in the favela Pereira da Silva in the morning in collaboration with former soccer player Kevin Kuranyi. it the second 40 in the Rocinha, says Weber. So many plastic bags filled with oil, sugar, salt, coffee, spaghetti, tomato sauce, sardines, rice iphone 6 plus cover moschino

and beans, but also soap and detergent fit in his car.

The residents lack the bare essentials idea came up when High tech cover per iphone 5 – celeste brandalley blu – my buddy Bernhard called me and asked if I wanted to start something with him in the Corona crisis, Kuranyi told the German Press Agency. Weber himself lived in different favelas in Rio de Janeiro cover iphone xr resistente for nine years, including the Pereira da Silva and the Rocinha. The blonde Swabian makes radio music, is a tourist guide and as de Janeiro the lettering is emblazoned on his bright green T shirt a brand in Rio.

And he a friend of Kuranyi with whom he looked for a direct way to help in the favelas particularly affected by the Covid 19 pandemic. This is how they came up with the basic care packages, because the residents often lack the bare essentials. At Custodia rigida Montblanc Sartorial per telefono Apple iPhone XR the same time, they live together in a confined space.

Kuranyi quickly agreed, as his buddy Bernhard says: always does things where you say: This is just the best boy, one of us. The ex professional of mocca – Cover Fronte Retro Integrale Apple Iphone Se 5 E 5s Mocca VfB Stuttgart and Schalke 04 was born in Rio de Janeiro and migliore cover iphone 11 grew up in Petrpolis. He helps wherever he comes from. have friends who live in the favela themselves. They keep telling me how difficult the situation is, says Kuranyi. they are not allowed to work and have to stay at home, it becomes tight for many of them. made the first donation for a week to supply the packages, then others, friends of his and Weber customers followed, and the campaign is now in its fourth week. most important thing is that the packages are well received, says Weber. is so much theft and fraud, you have to stay tough. In Pereira da Silva, even drug dealers who control the favela wanted packages. That is why he planned with trusted cover iphone 5 albania

persons how the distribution should go. You have selected residents who need Cover per Apple iPhone XR- Inkover – Custodia in Tpu nera black the help most.

Bernhard Weber is standing next to his car with a face mask before heading to the Rocinha favela. Photo: Ian Cheibub / dpa.

In Brazil, according to the latest figures from the Ministry of Health in Braslia, more than 50,000 people have been shown to be cover bianca iphone infected with SARS CoV 2, and far more APPLE – Cover per iPhone X Colore Papaya – ePRICE than 3,000 patients have died in connection with the lung disease Covid 19. Now that the corona virus has arrived in the favelas of Rio, among the needy are infected people who cannot leave the house on the instructions of the drug dealers. While Bernhard is still packing Cover personalizzata iPhone XrCover Personalizzata Rigida con the plastic bags out of the car with the helper Marlon, a woman comes and asks if Cover iPhone XR Light – Black it is a fundraiser. Marlon tells her that he has already selected Custodia Cover iPhone XS iNature 100% Biodegradabile Ecologica Blue the recipients and asks her to wait. The people waiting in line, Bernhard and Marlon, wearing a breathing mask and gloves, are having trouble coping with the onslaught.

by one, says Bernhard, trying to keep his distance as he hands OEM Compatibile – Huawei Honor 5c Custodia In Gomma Celeste – ePRICE the packages over. Custodia cover particolare Halloween in silicone tpu per Apple a blessing, says Yilda da Silva, who has four children and seven grandchildren when she holds her package in her hands. situation is very difficult because I have CUSTODIA SMART Integrale COVER SUPPORTO Stand per Apple iPad 2017 to stay at home and cannot go to work. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro downplayed the corona virus and called for a return to normal. He recently fired his Minister of Health in Marcelo BurlonFireball Cover iPhone X Xs NeroMBU_MX-FIREBALL the dispute over how to deal with the Covid 19 pandemic. In contrast, the governors of the states of So Paulo and cover dsquared iphone xr Rio de Janeiro have restricted public life. 40 percent of Brazilians do informal work without a contract or security.

Yilda had a small stall Bianchi Bicycles iPhone 11 X 8 7 6 Pro Max Plus Case Cover where she sold coffee. how can there be no infection if we all live together in a small house It impossible, she says. When almost all of the packages have already been distributed, many Rocinha residents come again. Bernhard and Marlon explain to them with a heavy heart that it is not enough for everyone. hurts, says Weber. such a desperate situation that Germany doesn know. People really die of hunger. Weber and Kuranyi goal is to grow in such a way that they can help even more people, while maintaining the personal structure on site. Kuranyi says: would be extremely happy if there were still many involved. Every contribution helps especially the children there…